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Privacy Policy

Pursuant to the Article13 of Regulation (EU) 679/2016 ("GDPR")


Security and confidentiality are the utmost competence of the adult website SOFTELL LTD. is a registered office in the UK that acts as a data controller of this adult website on the personal data collected on the Website for various activities.

The platform can create, alter, and update any policy, current or past, considering the changes in the applicable law and/ or provisions of the Data Protection Authority and/ or European Data Protection Board. The Privacy Policy link in the site footer will continuously bring the attention of the concerned parties whenever there is any change or update in the current policy.

It is advisable to go through the Privacy Policy attentively before using the website every time. One should always go through the latest policies of privacy each time before using the website.

When necessary changes are done, the office behind the platform, with reasonable notice, will also inform the ad posters using electronic mail.


Here is the list that says what data will be collected from the user. The data is voluntarily provided by the user and may be utilized by the website officials for various activities. This is the list of categories:

  1. Contact details: Ad posters name, surname, contact number, and email address
  2. Payment Information: Credit/ Debit card details used for purchase or payment
  3. Other details: User’s age, gender, snapshot(s), and other details used during surfing the website spontaneously
  4. Special Categories: Info about the user’s lifestyle, sexual orientation, and behavior
  5. Website Usage: IP address, User Agency, and any other information acquired via cookies (get a look at the site’s Cookie Policy regulating the details)

User’s Personal Data is acquired only in the following situations:

  1. When one lists to the web platform to use all its functions and services
  2. When someone posts an advertisement on the Website or in reply to some advertisement

Whenever someone is bestowing Personal Data on someone’s behalf, ensure they have read the Privacy Policy carefully.

The website suggests every user keep their Personal Data up-to-date every time. If they need to make any changes in the information, feel free to contact the officials of the website directly.

Take notice that when someone is contacting any user using the contact details on the Website, the company is not answerable for how the contacted user manages or processes their data. In fact, the addressed user will autonomously act as a data controller.


In accordance with the legal procedures, the website company can use the data of the users for the following one or more purposes:

Accessing & Surfing The Website That Even Comprises Registration

The Website may utilize the Contact Details and other Personal Details of the users to grant them access, browse, or register on the Website.

  1. Legal processes are based on the performance of the contract.
    It is mandatory to provide the Personal Data of the user, or else the online adult ad posting company will deny access to browse and/ or register their candidature.

    Advertisement Publication & Response

    Contact Details of the user (one’s email id in particular) are needed before publishing or replying to an ad they can observe on the website.
  2. Legal processes are based on the performance of the contract.
    The website even uses the photograph produced by an ad poster or user as Special Category Personal Data.
  3. Legal processes are based on the consent of both parties.
    For possible processing, both, the advertiser and the user are asked simultaneously before processing their snapshots while using them in Special Categories.

    However, if the user fails to provide their consent, it will not restrict them publish or reply to an ad on the website. They can withdraw their consent anytime as per their wish. This can be done by delivering an email to [email protected]. If someone has made a withdrawal it will not come into effect until it is processed.
  4. Order Fulfillment Through The Website & Activities
    If the user has requested order, the website company will utilize their Contact Details and Payment Data in the process.
  5. Legal processes are based on the particulars of the contract and the process of abiding by legal obligations.
    One is bound to follow the mandatory process to get their requested order.

    Marketing Purposes According To User’s Needs Or To Promote Things

    The website company may utilize the Personal Data of the user for marketing and advertising needs. The officials may also use them to inform a user about some promotional sales and use automated contact procedures like SMS, emails, and all other mass communication tools. The website can also use traditional methods to contact a user for market and statistical research. The consent declaration is very important in such cases.
  6. Legal processes are based on the consent of the user.
    However, consent is optional here as if someone fails to offer their consent it will not bear any consequences based on the contract. One can withdraw their consent by simply sending an email to [email protected].

    Market Research & Statistical Study For Service Improvement

    Analyzing and improving the services of the website company also require the basic information of a user to better customer satisfaction.
  7. Legal processes are based on the company’s lawful interest while verifying and improving the services.
    One has to provide their data for such processes failing to which can deprive the platform to do marketing and statistical examinations in service improvement.

    Although users can object whenever they feel right when the website uses their details for research purposes. One can request the objection by sending an email to [email protected].

    Defend A Right During Judicial, Administrative, Or Extra-Judicial Proceedings & Also In Disputes Concerning To The Services Offered

    The website has all the rights to process the Personal Data or any ad poster or user if it has to defend its rights or act and even claim anything against the user or any other third party.
  8. Legal processes are based on the website’s interest to defend its rights in Court.
    Personal Data offerings are mandatory in such situations as it helps the company to defend its rights.

    Cases Concerning Obligations By Laws, Regulations, & European Legislations Using Provisions/ Requests By Supervisory & Control Body Authorities

    To fulfill the obligations which the website has to do, it may process the user’s Personal Data.
  9. Legal processes are based on Legal Obligations.
    It is mandatory to provide data in such situations that will help the website to comply with specific legal obligations.

To improve the security, integrity, and accessibility of the Personal Data of a user the people behind the website use various security measures.

The secured servers of the website are capable enough to safeguard the Personal Details of the users. At times, they are also maintained using secured paper copies or other durable storage means. Necessary measures are taken to secure the same on the suppliers’ servers and later accessed and used on the basis of standard security policies.


The website uses the standard norms to keep the Personal Data of a user used to achieve various purposes abiding the lawful ways.

When the Personal Data of a user is stored, it is kept for processing purposes until the longest term ends. If the retention has expired the data is of no further use. In the least circumstances, if the data is no longer required as per the lawful ways, it is irreversibly made anonymous or destroyed securely.

Here is the retention period in each case:

  1. Accessing & Surfing The Website That Even Comprises Registration:
    As per the user’s visit to the website, their Personal Data is stored in the company servers strictly for 2 years maintaining the last access. The data remains safe in the server log files for the last 2 years. Not more than that.
  2. Advertisement Publication & Response: For this purpose, the Personal Data of a user is kept safe by the company after the advertisement is published for no later than 1 year.
  3. Order Fulfillment Through The Website & Activities: As the contract says, the processing of someone’s Personal Data is done to abide by the legal terms of the contract. And maybe kept aside for the entire time period of the contract. The contract’s tenure may exceed 10 years.
  4. Marketing Purposes According To User’s Needs Or To Promote Things: The website company stores the data of a user for 2 years straight. But the storage period changes when the consent is withdrawn.
  5. Market Research & Statistical Study For Service Improvement: For statistical reasons, the data is kept safe for at most a 2 year period.
  6. Defend A Right During Judicial, Administrative, Or Extra-Judicial Proceedings & Also In Disputes Concerning To The Services Offered: Achieving legal purposes may take a long time. In such circumstances, the company may keep the data forever or until the goal is achieved.
  7. Cases Concerning Obligations By Laws, Regulations, & European Legislations Using Provisions/ Requests By Supervisory & Control Body Authorities: The platform keeps the data until necessary goals are achieved fulfilling the needs of the company.

The company never makes any deals that do not comply with its legal obligations. The data of an ad poster or user may be accessed by the company’s authorized employees or appointed external suppliers. At times, data processors and IT providers, are given provisions by the company for various uses, eg. Payment Gateway, etc. One can contact the officials of the platform by mailing [email protected] if they require taking a look at the data processors or other entities related to them.


Here is the contact detail of the website company that works as a data controller:

Softell Ltd
UK Registered Office
Email address: [email protected]


Here are some of the conditions where you can request a record of year data:

  1. Your personal data access
  2. A copy of the Personal Data
  3. As per the company’s possession, Personal Data rectification
  4. Get the Data that the company cannot process legally
  5. One can withdraw the consent if there is any condition as such
  6. Following the current legislation, objection to the company’s process of Personal Data.

Right to Object:

There is always a right to object even after the above-said rules and regulations. But there must be reasons that concern your particular situation in processing your Personal Data by the company done by the company for legitimate interest.

If one has any objection, it should be conveyed via [email protected].

As per the public interest, the above-mentioned rights are also subject to certain exceptions, like company interest and prevention or identification of crime. Whenever a user feels to exercise any of the rights mentioned above, write to the email address and the reply will be served within a month.

The Supervisory Authority is also there to listen to your filed complaint. The authority helps people protect their Personal Data and/ or help the clients to appeal at the appropriate courts.

Last update date: April 2020


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