My name is Andre

My name is Andre; I have two degrees, one in pharmacist assistant and the other one is Fitness trainer where I had the contact for the first time with massage techniques for the body and mind. Currently, I am a student at Rochdale Institute where I am preparing myself for ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage. Meanwhile, I'll attend many workshops and training in different techniques of bodywork.
As a globe throttle, I have accumulated knowledge and experience about many different types of massages or auxiliary items that can help in stress and negative energy relief.
I only use top products in massages, like pure Aloe Vera gel, bio coconut oil or collagen, fruit extract body lotion, according to each one of your preferences.
Besides the physical contact we have during our time together I like to have a spiritual connection that allows us to both relax and enjoy the time.
I offer three types of massages, all of at least 60 minutes or more.
1. Relaxation massage. 120 £ 60 min 160 £ 90 min
2. Deep tissue massage. 120£ 60 min 160 £ 90 min
3. Erotic, sensual massage. 140 £ 60 min 180 £ 90 min
  • YEARS 27
  • Belfast